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I have had the distinct pleasure of managing Ben for various software engineering projects. Each time, I've been impressed by his unwavering drive and outcome-oriented approach. His commitment to deeply understanding and enhancing the end-user experience is evident in every challenge he undertakes. In fact, Ben's ability to be highly versatile in his work and yet consistently deliver quality results led me to rehire him when the opportunity presented itself. Any team or project fortunate enough to leverage Ben as a software engineer will find him to be an invaluable asset. He is not just an engineer, but a thought leader who elevates the standard of work around him.

Anthony Putignano

Ben is a brilliant software engineer who is extremely motivated and very reliable. Besides that, he is a great friend and colleague. I've had the pleasure of working with him twice in the past and would be happy if our paths happen cross a third time. Ben is a great addition to any development team.

Matt Pileggi